Autocomplete Address Lookup

Autocomplete Address Lookup

Are you looking to create a quicker, more effective efficent checkout process for your store? Look no further! 

Autocomplete Address Lookup designed by Welford Media is the tool for the job, This Subscription free module helps your customers who are in a rush complete their purchases!

Quicker, faster puchases!
The module uses a Dynamic live search, using Google Places API. Your customers could find there address using as little as 2 words! (how more convientiant do you need?)

Regardless of country Welford Media's Autocomplete Address Lookup, works in ALL  countries and supports Multi-Language support as well regardless of Web browser!

Easy Installation

Like all Welford Modules, the installation couldn't be easier and works with Version 2.0 of OpenCart

The module has 4 steps and you're done, you can edit the map size per page too!




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